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John Cassady and Jerry Cimino
get ready
to hit the road!
Monterey Bay, 8/31/04.

August 31, 2004

August has been an extremely busy month as we've been preparing for the launch of our Fall Tour. John and Jerry are leaving in just a few days to get on the road. Our first stop will be 29 Russell Street in San Francisco to visit the house where John was born and where Kerouac lived with Neal and Carolyn. Then it's off to Denver to chase down Neal's old haunts on Larimer Street.

We're doing our kick off event Friday night 9/3/04 in Pacific Grove, California and will post images of that for you soon.

In the meantime, here's the new look to the Airstream! I can't wait to hook it to the trailer - what a sight this will be to behold!

Click any of the images to enlarge:

John Cassady and Jerry: front view of the Beat Museum on Wheels.
John Cassady and Jerry: rear view of the Beat Museum on Wheels.
John Cassady and Jerry: passanger door side of the Beat Museum on Wheels.
John Cassady the other side of the Beat Museum on Wheels.

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